The Strange Train Company
Performance Collective specialising in Outdoor Work combining Narrative, Music and Visuals

Folkin' Farmers


Following the success of the original Gigantes, Sophie Tyrrell was commissioned to grow the family of giants for Stockport Old Town’s Folk Festival in 2016. Folkin’ Farmers was a live performance featuring rural characters infused with circus. Costumes and props were designed and built by Sophie Tyrrell. Performers were provided by The Circus House in Manchester. The ensemble included stilt-walking farmers and their juggling farmhands, a gaggle of unicycling geese and three humongous cows. 

The stilt-walking farmers and their trusty apprentices burst onto the square and paid tribute to the gathered Morris dancers, with a choreographed routine involving sticks and shouting! They brought with them a flock of noisy, unicycling geese and festive cows. The cows occasionally stopped to get a better sniff of the audience, or wandered off, creating their own parade route - much to the entertaining frustration of the Folkin’ Farmers.