The Strange Train Company
Performance Collective specialising in Outdoor Work combining Narrative, Music and Visuals

Intergalactic Travellers


In line with the theme of 'Going Global', performers from the community under the direction of The Circus House dressed up as Intergalactic Travellers to perform select pieces from their show Transformations for Manchester Day in 2014. Commissioned by Manchester City Council and organised by Walk the Plank, Manchester Day sees groups from all corners of Manchester take to the streets to celebrate and show off their talents. The Intergalactic Travellers landed like aliens in Albert Square on the morning of the parade, in misshapen vehicles sprouting umbrellas and metal chimneys. Performers dangled from silks and ropes to the delight of the crowds, and unicyclists were propelled into the square by helmets with propellers and the jetpacks on their backs.