The Strange Train Company
Performance Collective specialising in Outdoor Work combining Narrative, Music and Visuals

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The Strange Train is ready for departure...

On a sunny Manchester Day way way back in 2012, having triumphantly steered our Great Elephant of Technological Advancement and a motley assortment of parents and kids dressed as equally unruly circus performers through the streets of central Manchester, I felt that unusual surge of excitement that you get when you wake from a great dream, and know when you next fall asleep you can return, and do it all again. 

Whilst to others it may have looked like I was enjoying a busman's holiday, the first jaunt into street theatre, puppetry and performance has continued to grow like a magic bean. And now after many collaborations and playful encounters, I haven't got a beanstalk, but I seem to be steering a strange train. 

With a couple of exciting commissions confirmed for 2017, this blog post will soon be followed by others from the Engine Room, where we are already busy dreaming, scheming, planning, making...

Meanwhile, The Strange Train extends its thanks to all the people who have helped on the journey so far. From the generosity of professionals to the willingness of friends, family, community groups, and audiences, to dress up and join in! Thank you all!

Toot! Toot!

Neil Jacob