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I am in the engine room thinking about the word 'Spectacle'. There are a number of reasons for this.

1. This week I had to reach for a pair of random reading glasses while sewing at the machine. I do not wear glasses, having always enjoyed 'long sight'. I can no longer see the eye of the needle clearly enough to thread it. The spectacles helped.

2. A reminder from the optician that my eye test is overdue has today dropped through the post box. Timely. Will I now need spectacles of my own?

3. Last night I went to the Lowry to enjoy a Spectacle! It was a French theatre show. In French Spectacle = show. It was also a show of brilliant visuals and hilarious clowning. Spectacle.

4. I have 3 Strange Train projects on the go. My aim for each of them is that they should be Spectacles! With so much admin. for each show, I am worried I may lose sight of this....





Sophie Tyrrell