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Didsbury Arts Festival 2017.

'Roots'. Hmm.

Didsbury: Dad's work at the Polytechnic, swimming, conkers, warm beer, river walks, mud pies, ballet class, orchids, the 42 bus, American Ice Cream.

American Ice Cream....American Ice Cream....American Ice Cream.....

I spoke to my dad.

Do you remember the 'American ice Cream' store in Didsbury? No. You must remember. We used to go after swimming. No. I don't remember. But you must remember, Kate used to always have licorice ice cream, it made her tongue black. No. I don't remember. I'm sorry. You seriously don't remember? No, but have you seen the old Polytechnic campus? You know they've turned my old office into expensive flats? Yes.

I spoke to my big sister.

Do you remember the 'American ice Cream' store in Didsbury? Yes! I used to have licorice ice cream, and it made my tongue black! I'm so glad you remember! Dad doesn't remember. I began to think I'd imagined it. Anyway I'm thinking of making a show about it. You should. It would be a great show....

So, now I am making a show about it.

The show is called Didsbury's Lost American Ice Cream Store. And now you know why.

Didsbury's Lost American Ice Cream Store appears at a secret outdoor location in Didsbury on 1st and 2nd July 2017.  The show has been commissioned by Didsbury Arts Festival.


Sophie Tyrrell