The Strange Train Company
Performance Collective specialising in Outdoor Work combining Narrative, Music and Visuals

The Incredible Spider Woman

The Incredible Spiderwoman

This elegant half woman, half spider, once performed to the Royal Court at Versailles. Since that decadent time and, having escaped the guillotine, she has since spent many years (at least 200) on the road with various circuses and freak-shows.  The Spiderwoman performs a range of poetic verses, and rhymes, and dances. She loves applause! She can open and close her stage curtain at whim, and always to rapturous applause! She may occasionally plead 'Help' when she gets confused and thinks she's back in Paris.  She can perform in larger open spaces, where she shows off her dancing, but also enjoys close encounters with smaller groups. An encounter with the world's oldest performing spider can range from ridiculous to creepy!